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Sheen Gardening Co. Ltd started in 2010 by James Sheen and has gone from strength to strength since then.

Working on the following principles:


Expert Horticultural knowledge & practices

Friendly yet professional

These principles help us maintain and develop beautiful gardens for the Communal gardens and Garden Squares we manage.

We provide a consistent, reliable service and are always keen to work with you to develop your garden, no matter the budget, big or small.

We love taking perfectly presentable garden to the next level by using our horticultural knowledge of plants. Most of the time, this is all it takes!

So if you’d like to see how Sheen Gardening expertise could help your gardens, don’t hesitate to call me directly on 07738 478 503.

A message from James

I started my career in business marketing, and soon realised that the office life was not for me. I loved nature and plants so I decided to change course and start a career in gardening. It was the best decision of my life, outside of asking my now wife to marry me (of course)!

While taking a course in Horticuture I started working in the beautiful London Garden Squares. The Squares were beautiful and many were changing course to that of continued improvement. I had amazing mentors and learnt so much during these early days of my career.

To further my career I wanted to combine my love of horticulture and my business experience to create Sheen Gardening Co Ltd.

Sheen Gardening has now been successfully maintaining Communal Gardens for 15 years.

I have a wonderful, dedicated team with whom I manage beautiful gardens on behalf of our clients.

Happy gardening!

James Sheen